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Chinese word pronunciation audio

chinese word pronunciation audio

Zh, ch, sh sounds Native English speakers often have trouble distinguishing between these sounds.
sì chun cài (Sichuan cuisine slooow: Faster: Natural:.But chances are you've come across a number of Chinese words that seem harder to pronounce than others.Practice with these words:.(Gradually increase the speed until you can say it comfortably at somewhat natural speed).(Don't extreme makeover home edition playrooms forget the tones!).ImTranslator Translate and Speak, imTranslator offers a natural sounding text-to-speech system with translation capabilities that quickly translates text and reads it aloud at one click of a button.For example, you can go.Repeat the word faster and faster.It's just that the sounds and tones combine in ways that make them feel like mini tongue twisters!Watch these videos carefully and practice making the correct sounds.The good thing is there's a lot of stuff, but the down-side is that although some users provided many audios (so you have a sort of consistency you'll have to switch between different audios not recorded professionally, although they usually are not low quality).Say each syllable slowly.They're not necessarily unusual or unusually long.

For instance, 'x' and 'sh' sound similar to native English ears, but to native Chinese speakers, the sounds are completely different.The tongue and lip positions are very different.(Don't speak, just listen).(You can find the Chinese section at this address ; on the right you see the top users that provided most audios.). x shu jin (washroom slooow: Faster: Natural:.Here's the process in a nutshell: Listen carefully to the word.For example: ch z ch zì xíng ch sì shí sì x shu jin, in this video I share a simple 3-step process for getting your mouth muscles around words like these in no time.
Below are links to videos in the Yabla format that illustrate the difference.