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Eagle eye converter ps3 software

eagle eye converter ps3 software

The EEC is upgradable via firmware updates, so maybe this is something PenguinUnited can address in the miami heat vs indiana pacers game 5 future.
After I recalculated my dead zones again you have to do this for every game you go into, but you can save these settings to the Eagle pengamen jogja kreatif dan lucu abis.mp4 Eye and upload them by syncing it with your PC I felt like I was playing.A controller, by design, simply doesn't have nearly the same precision and accuracy that a mouse has.This allows you to set up multiple timed button presses into a single button press. .From my experience with these adapters, the only adapter I've found that is truly almost PC-like, are the XIM adapters.Ive also had the start button randomly activate once or twice, which can get annoying in a multiplayer game.Also if you scroll to the bottom of this page, you can find more in game video demonstrations.Penguin United has announced that it will also be launching its second gen model, codenamed Eagle-Eye Version.0, for the Xbox 360 at CES 2011.The biggest issue I had with the Eagle Eye is the support.For the price of a game, you get an incredibly effective and well programmed device that comes with our continued support and free firmware updates for the lifetime of the device (to date, we have released 3 free Firmware updates and continue to work.PC versions are optimized for mouse and keyboard, sure, but console games implement all kinds of different values for acceleration of player look, dead zones, etc., that simply don't work properly with a mouse and keyboard.Getting the right settings for the EEC almost feels like tuning a musical instrument.The Eagle-Eye will convert any standard USB HID keyboard and mouse (note it does not work well with non HID devices) into a video game controller, the preferred weapon of choice for FPS fans.It does help to certain extent, but how effective it is depends on the game.Independent turbo switches for all buttons which can be turned on or off on the fly.F1-F6 on the keyboard is reserved for some in-game calibration functions, and you cant modify the right stick mapping, since it is always set to the mouse.The Eagle Eye Converter feels cheap.
If the game is designed for the PC and also ported to consoles I think the Eagle Eye is worth trying out, but in general genres made for consoles don't appear to work better with unintended peripherals.
When it comes to a peripheral, though, looks aren't everything, and the Eagle Eye did function.

It may take some time before you can actually draw perfect circles with your mouse, but even then it never feels quite perfect like.Why use a keyboard and mouse opposed to a standard controller?Once all that is done, its as easy as plugging the mouse and keyboard into their respective slots on the EEC itself, plug the EEC into your PS3 and youre ready to start fragging!USB.0 Keyboard and Mouse inputs.There are 3 components of the Advanced Calibration Function worth noting: Sensitivity Adjustment which manages the overall speed of the mouse movement; Dead Zone Neutralization that improves the smoothness of the mouses movements, particularly during moments requiring micro-movements such as zooming in on a target;.To test the EEC, I loaded up my favourite game of all time Uncharted.We also have a thriving forum community were users can discuss our device, seek help, and share setups for different games so that our users have a community of support to draw from in addition to our private support.Does the Eagle Eye adapter address these issues?And if you don't agree, we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so there is no risk in trying our device out to see for yourself.Enter the Eagle Eye Converter for PS3 from manufacturer Penguin United.Other things which I though the EEC worked very well at was the fact that I could re-map buttons.