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Skyrim character editor 1.4

skyrim character editor 1.4

This may be disabled (set to 0) to add a different form of antialiasing such as smaa, fxaa, or other implementations in SweetFX or enbseries.
Some of the tweaks are only vegas pro 12 keygen relevant to the step " Recommended System." For tweaks that affect game performance, the potential performance impact is indicated.
FSkyCellRefFadeDistance600000 (Recommended) fSkyCellRefFadeDistance150000 (Default) fSkyCellRefFadeDistance0 fSkyCellRefFadeDistance600000 Particles Adjust the amount of particle effects iMaxDesired sets the maximum amount of particles "desired" to be rendered.
Some settings will immediately change in-game, but others will not.Skyrim INI Display bAutoViewDistance bAutoViewDistance toggles a method of automatically determining how far one can see.This may increase performance.These settings in their entirety are documented on the advanced.It changes bGeneralSubtitles.See inside, oh no!It seems to do the same thing as bEnableTreeAnimations.IMaxDecalsPerFrame250 iMaxSkinDecalsPerFrame100 Adjust antialiasing iMultiSample sets the level of antialiasing applied to edges to make them smoother and less jagged.Enabling ZPrepass tells the game not to render certain objects to try to increase performance.Disabling this will remove all water from view, but it can still be swam through.IShadowFilter0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 iShadowFilter0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 iShadowFilterAny value other than 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 iShadowFilterAny value other than 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 The buggy shadows produced by turning the shadow filter off.It changes bSaveOnWait.Setting this to 400 allows the user to rotate full circle once.FGrassWindMagnitudeMax0 fGrassWindMagnitudeMin0 Interface Open books faster Speeds up the book-opening animation.It is recommended to disable them (set to 0) once accustomed to the game.BEnableTrees0 Disable or enable tree animations fUpdateBudget appears to control the amount of resources allocated to tree animations.
UGridsToLoad-1 or lower uInterior Cell Buffer Negative values cause CTD.
They may be disabled for a performance increase while removing tree popping.

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Lock Sensitivity sets the lock sensitivity.Setting this to 0 will cause Skyrim to launch in windowed mode.Item Fade sets the item fade distance.New base defense events have been added to the game.BDoDepthOfField1 (Default) bDoDepthOfField0 bDoDepthOfField0 main Clouds never fade fSkyCellRefFadeDistance sets the distance for neverfade objects (the references under a base element with the neverfade flag always show to maximum draw distance).It changes fhudopacity.It changes fGamma.This gives a much better sense of what an upgrade is actually going.I-prefix settings accept an integer value (any whole number, positive or negative, without a decimal point, such as 5, -38, or 0).It changes bShowFloatingQuestMarkers.IPresentInterval1 General Disable the intro video sIntroSequence sets the intro video before the main menu.
For settings used only by the SkyrimLauncher.