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Sun jre 6.0 update 10 or later versions

sun jre 6.0 update 10 or later versions

Java classes_2d D3D: Text rendering becomes garbled on Intel 945G chipset 6602861 java classes_2d D3D: Nimbus L F: Painting broken on some D3D cards 6603000 java classes_2d D3D: incorrect texel to pixel mapping in some cases 6603975 java classes_2d ClassCastException in the Font(Map) 6604044 java.
Exe instead of iftw.
Users who have Java SE 6 Update 7 have the latest security fixes and do not need to upgrade to this release to be current on security fixes.
6600622 java_deployment jkernel Bundle security checking disabled 6600807 java_deployment jkernel Reduce Java Kernel's footprint 6601650 java_deployment jkernel Remove lib/zi from Kernel core 6601859 java_deployment jkernel Use 7-zip for Java kernel core msi file and it or java.If you were to overwrite and installation of a previous build, the older build will still show up in such areas as Add / Remove Programs.6743745 java_deployment security Revocation check for pre-trusted certificate only first time 6749052 java_deployment security enable pre-trust Sun certificate by default 6586919 java_deployment update Consumer Release branding refresh for Java Update 6587680 java_deployment update Java Update dialog branding changes 6595901 java_deployment update all text in update.(L10N part of 6609703 ) 6650730 java localization Lithuanian locale date and number formats mismatch.Exe needs to statically link with vc java install Obsolete XPIs and replace them with new jinstall.Dll when WM_IME_notify message is handled, Win java classes_awt EmbeddedFrame disposal is fragile and breaks clean AppContext termination 6607163 java classes_awt Linux: Cannot copy image from Java to OpenOffice 6616095 java classes_awt AWT's WindowDisposerRecord keeps AppContext alive too long 6616323 java classes_awt consider benefits.6739758 java_plugin plugin2 legacy_lifecycle applets should not exit after 228 java_plugin plugin2 DnD: jnlp applets specifying system properties or JVM arguments don't relaunch 6740231 java_plugin plugin2 High CPU consumption by gray box painter during como instalar crazytalk 6 pro full con crack loading of applets 6740523 java_plugin plugin2 DnD: should pick up codebase.
Xml 6625963 java_deployment jkernel Reduce number of CreateProcesses performed by Java Kernel 6626374 java_deployment jkernel Move jpeg.
6607159 java_deployment general IS2 pings changes for Kernel Installer 6613252 java_deployment general ploy: Allow preset CC CXX 6613871 java_deployment general JDK6.J2SE: Allow preset CC CXX 6630119 java_deployment general REG : About Java shows wrong version 6630608 java_deployment general cannot load applet / application with null.

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However, you will need to install the 64-bit JRE separately to install a Public JRE.Exe 6657116 java_plugin linux NullPointerException thrown on launching applets 6563305 java_plugin misc setRequestProperty does not work for Httpurlconnection in applet when cached 6582571 java_plugin misc Webcam applets failure after updating JRE to 6u02/6u03/6u10 works with.4.2_ java_plugin misc browser crashes on an XP japanese machine.Dll base address may conflict with other JRE DLLs 6592260 java_deployment general.4.2,.5,.6,.7 installer should make sure no java plugin dll exists under FF_home /plugins/ 6592278 java_deployment general Consumer Release branding refresh for deployment dialogs 6596386 java_deployment general DT : will not.Exe 6503697 java install Improve JRE installer performance by using smaller/targeted patches 6511158 java install simplify JRE UE, by auto-choosing features for consumers 6533331 java install Java Installer fails to update/register CurrentVersion and BrowserJavaVersion correctly 6582863 java install need to ask for Firefox restart.Java Runtime Environment.0 Update 15 (16.7 MB, Windows XP/2003/Vista/x64).Then install the 64-bit JRE separately.Exe to cover Java Stat's xpi and jxpi metrics.Java2d.d3dfalse Alternatively, set the J2D_D3D environment variable to 'false' prior to starting your application (or set it globally).Jar 6657688 java_deployment jkernel undefine debug, factor out 'main' unit test code in jbroker files security, maps,securemove.